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Host Award Winning Film Screenings!!!

Commemorating its decade long eventful journey, CMS VATAVARAN invites you to host screenings of the award winning films at your campus/ organisation. Till date CMS VATAVARAN film festival proudly possess 1456 environment and wildlife films out of which 387 were nominated and only 119 films, 8% of the lot, were able to bag the CMS VATAVARAN coveted awards.

CMS VATAVARAN film entries are subjected to three-tier rigorous selection process in which more than 40-50 eminent personalities from different sectors dedicate their valuable time and expertise to recognise high quality films; thus raising the standards in every competitive festival. Bouquets of award winning films reflect on range of issues i.e. climate change, natural heritage conservation, water, biodiversity, climate change and renewable energy; all other critical challenges facing the world.

We encourage you to use films which are powerful tool to promote environmental sensitivity among your friends, family, partners, colleagues and network.

All you have to do is prepare a slot-wise film package referring our Best of 10 years Festival directory' and fill the Request form & sign up the declaration and send it to us. Once your request is accepted we will provide you the films along with the promotion collaterals. CMS VATAVARAN award winning films screening details at your campus will be also showcased on our website.

Join us in celebrating the 10 Years of CMS VATAVARAN!

REQUEST FORM (word file downloadable)