CMS VATAVARAN Festival Collaterals Image

CMS VATAVARAN Team is thrilled to have a very powerful photograph from the 2012 film 'Eyes in the Forest: The Portraiture of Jim Lawrence' as a festival image.

The picture is going to be the image of 7th edition of CMS VATAVARAN and it will be carried in almost all the onsite and offsite collaterals of the festival. CMS VATAVARAN team would like to extend warm congratulation to Jim Lawrence & his whole team on this selection!

Through Photographer's Lenses!
"I had stepped inside a dark old barn, a huge structure, long abandoned with thick dust, cobwebs and bones scattered on the floor. Far across on a high rafter perched a huge Great Horned owl, her intense eyes glaring at me. With hesitation I stepped slowly over the debris, attempting to get a better view of the big bird. A very uneasy feeling caused me to pause and look back. There, very close by, was the young owl peering around a timber. A few quick shots and heartfelt thank you's, I left so the family could do their owl thing...

Photograph by Jim Lawrence

"Thank you for the great news! We are excited"!
Miriam Needoba, Director/Producer,
Eyes in the Forest: The Portraiture of Jim Lawrence