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CMS VATAVARAN 2019 Nomination Series: The Call of Pashmina

Ladakh is a wonderland of mesmerising, sweeping vistas. With its barren, rugged mountains, crystal clear skies and inspiring visions of a lost Shangri-La, Ladakh is doubtless, a special place.
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Parvat, Purohit, Putra (Mountain, Priest, Son)

Prologue - Starting this week, we shall start to present a brief introduction of the films that shall be showcased at the CMS Vatavaran Festival this year.
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Understanding the Health of the Himalayan Region with the 13 critical questions

One of the key objectives of CMS Vatavaran, this year is to start conversations that assess the key issues related to the health of the Himalayan ecosystem. This beautiful region is geologically fragile, with young and rising mountains, usually vulnerable to erosion and landslides, even without human interference.
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Invoking the Himalayas God’s Bounty, Nature’s Blessing and a Planetary Asset

As we look at the Himalaya from such distance that we can see things whole and in their just proportion, the pain and disorder, squalor and strife, vanish into insignificance. We know that they are there, and we know that they are real. But we know also that more important, and just as real, is the Power which out of evil is ever making good to come…. This is the true secret of the Himalaya.
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Mission Himalayas for the 10th CMS VATAVARAN

This year, the CMS VATAVARAN festival and forum will focus on the Himalayas. We shall provide platform to filmmakers to talk about the identified issues and formulate a vision statement for the region.
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