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The Art of Change - Climate Change: CMS VATAVARAN 2019 Nomination Series ​

The Climate Change and the crisis it has fostered is forcing various societies all around the world to abandon the consumerist ideology of our times, restructure the way we run our systems and remake our planet.

In short, either we embrace radical change ourselves or radical changes will be visited upon our physical world. The status quo is no longer an option.

Societies around the world are realizing that climate change isn’t just another issue. What the world needs is not an extraction based economy but a regeneration-based economic system.

This is a beautiful film that exposes the delusion of the climate-change deniers.

The director portrays an alternative reality scenario where a group of animals has become organised and are committed to make themselves heard by humans, guerrilla style.

A short animation film created for The Barbican Centre's 'The Art of Change' in response to the theme Climate Change, in collaboration with The Smalls.

The film is a surrealist take on human responsibility over climate change and on our inescapable connection with nature.

Director: Maria Alvarez and Elisa Morais

Photograph Courtesy-

Maria Alvarez and Elisa Morais


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