Norway Embassy, once again

Norway Embassy, once again, takes pride in being the Principal Partner, in the CMS VATAVARAN

Speech of Ms Ann Ollestad
Her Excellency, Ambassador of Norway to India
06-12-2011, New Delhi

Eminent personalities on the dais, colleagues from CMS, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen!

It is my pleasure and privilege to participate in the inauguration of the 6th CMS VATAVARAN - Environment & Wildlife Film Festival and Forum 2011.

Norway Embassy, once again, takes pride in being the 'Principal Partner, in the CMS VATAVARAN this year. It is due to Norway's commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable development that the Norwegian Embassy in India has been partnering with CMS for the last few years with their Film Festival initiative. We see the festival growing, not only in size but also in significance.

I must commend CMS for their efforts and rigour put in organization of the Festival. It makes significant contribution in raising awareness on environment, development and social issues. The concept of travelling film festival, introduced in the last few years has helped highlight these issues at the state and local levels.

The seminars and workshops on pressing environment and development issues, organized in conjunction with the Film Festival, give a platform to policy makers and practitioner to debate and discuss issues of societal importance. I am certain that your programmes and activities enable policy makers to take informed decisions.

Norway strives to assume a leadership role in environmental policies and play an active and constructive role in the solution of global and regional environmental problems. The aim of the Norwegian effort is to improve the environmental situation and promote a more sustainable development in neighbouring areas and in developing countries.

Norway sees India as an important partner in our joint effort to address global and regional environmental issues. The Norwegian Embassy, through its institutional cooperation programme, fosters collaboration between Indian and Norwegian institutions in wide areas ranging from climate change impacts and adaptation, biodiversity conservation, clean energy, alternate energy sources, carbon capture and storage, waste management, etc. Several projects are under implementation, and are showing good results. There is a lot to learn from various noble initiatives being taken by India. The Embassy feels quite satisfied in seeing the Indo-Norwegian business collaboration and research cooperation increasing day by day. We are truly proud of this cooperation.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am sure that you are looking forward to an exciting four day programme, viewing the movies capturing numerous environmental concerns, presented in their own innovative and artistic way. I am happy to note that his year's festival has a Panorama of Norwegian Green Films also.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to release the Festival Directory. I wish all of you happy film watching. I am sure that the movies presented during the festival, apart from their creative excellence, have significant contribution to make in raising awareness among the policy makers, practitioners and the youth.

I wish the festival good luck.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen!


About Ms Ann Ollestad
Her Excellency, Ambassador of Norway to India

H.E. Ambassador Ann Ollestad, has taken over as Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to the Republic of India in the year 2007. As the Ambassador, she has been instrumental in strengthening cooperation between Norway and India. The Indo-Norwegian cooperation is now well established, has good institutional frameworks, covers a broad range of areas, and is developing rapidly. This is due to the fact that Norway has expertise, resources, technology, experience and interest in engaging with India.

Norway wishes to strengthen, intensify and further develop a mutually beneficial cooperation with India in areas that are important for Norwegian interests and where, through strategic use of its resources and expertise, Norway can make a real difference.