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Previous Prithvi Awards


  • National Geographic - CMS Prithvi Bhushan 2017: Shri Chandi Prasad Bhatt

    Shri Chandi Prasad Bhatt is considered as one of India’s first modern environmentalist. As a Gandhian environmentalist and social activist, he was one of the pioneers of the Chipko Movement. The Government of India conferred him with Padma Shri in 1986 and Padma Bhushan in 2005. In 2013, he received the Gandhi Shanti Puraskar by the President of India for his work on subaltern social ecology.

  • National Geographic - CMS Prithvi Ratna Award 2017: Ms. Rita Banerji

    A renowned wildlife – environment filmmaker and cameraperson, she has produced, directed and filmed many award winning documentaries and television programs. She is a winner of multiple Green Oscars and CMS VATAVARAN Awards. Her initiatives also include ‘Green Hub’ – a community and youth-based fellowship, and video documentation centre for work related to the environment and social change, the first of its kind in North East India.


  • CMS VATAVARAN’s top awards- Prithvi Ratna: Mr Himanshu Malhotra

    Himanshu Malhotra, is a documentary filmmaker specializing in environment and wildlife filmmaking. Over the years, Malhotra has emerged as an expert director and cameraperson and is considered an authority in conservation, ecology and health issues. His film on animal rights has been internationally acclaimed. This film earned him the Rishab award. His footage on circus animals was used in the campaign to ban the use of animals in circuses in India and was part of a film done by the BBC. He has also emerged as an international cinematographer and has shot for Micheal Tobias for his films entitled "Third World War" and "India 24 hours" and also for the Royal society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) England.

  • CMS- YES BANK Prithvi Bhushan: Mr Anupam Mishra

    Initiating the first ever lifetime achievement award in the Prithvi Bhushan is YES BANK. And the 2015 CMS YES BANK Prithvi Bhushan Award has been conferred on Mr Anupam Mishra. He is a journalist, environmentalist, and water conservationist who works on promoting water conservation, water management and traditional rainwater harvesting techniques. The CMS YES BANK Prithvi Bhushan Award has been awarded to Mr Mishra for his works on promoting water conservation, water management and traditional rainwater harvesting techniques. Also, his publications on the work of communities organising themselves, to harvest and manage water, continue to inspire several individuals to take up work on setting up and reviving such time-tested water harvesting systems.


  • 2014 CMS VATAVARAN Prithvi Ratna Award: Mr Sanjay Barnela.

    Mr Barnela was awarded "for his profound efforts in significantly enhancing knowledge and information on environment issues, documenting the rich diversity of traditional practices using natural resources and highlighting conservation and livelihood issues".


  • CMS VATAVARAN Prithvi Ratna Award: Ashish Chandola

    Bangalore based Ashish Chandola is a freelancer, independent natural history and wildlife Director Cameraman with over 30 years of experience. Worked extensively for International Television and also produced films for Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India, various State Forest Departments and NGOs involved in wildlife conservation. Also compiled and edited a book in association with TNA Perumal & Shanthi Chandola titled 'Eye in the Jungle' in appreciation of the photographic work and writings of India's pioneering naturalist writer and photographer, the late Mr. M. Krishnan. His famous documentaries have been 'Elephant Days & Nights', 'A Dogged Problem', 'The Corbett Pledge' and 'Tiger Haven'.


  • Krishnendu Bose



    Shekar Dattatri - For outstanding contribution in the field of environment and wildlife filmmaking, conservation and the public's understanding to the environment.


  • Naresh Bedi


  • Given to Mike H. Pandey -for Outstanding Achievement in Global Conservation through Environment and Wildlife Filmmaking. This award was Supported by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

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