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Please read the Entry Guidelines carefully before filling up the Entry Form. Information provided in the Entry Form will be used for the 2024 Festival Directory and Programme Schedules etc. Use separate Entry Form for each entry. If any field is inapplicable please write “NA”. Please write in block letters and tick where appropriate.

General Information
Production Credits ( should match with the entry’s credit roll)
Technical Details
MODE OF PAYMENT Please check the applicable Entry Fee from the Entry Guidelines
Note:* for payment through Credit Card or Bank Transfer, please refer to mode of payment details from CMS VATAVARAN - RULES AND REGULATIONS.
ENCLOSURE CHECK LIST All Enclosures are compulsory,unless specified.

You must agree to the terms and conditions to continue


  • I am duly authorized to submit the entry to CMS VATAVARAN – International Environment and Wildlife Film Festival and to the best of my knowledge, all statements on this document are true. In case the same is found to be incorrect and incomplete, CMS has the right to reject the entry at any stage;
  • Should this entry be selected for exhibition at CMS, I grant CMS the right to screen it at the festival;
  • I grant CMS the right to make additional copies of the films submitted in the CMS VATAVARAN for the touring festivals, travelling film festivals and other non-commercial/ educational public screenings for creating environmental awareness and spreading the conservation message around the world;
  • If nominated, I give my consent and rights to CMS VATAVARAN for broadcasting the said film during the period of three years (Feb 2024 – Feb 2026). I understand that payment for broadcast will be on prevailing rates negotiated with the respective broadcaster.
  • If nominated, I grant CMS the right to use footage (up to 3 minutes), for promotional purposes.
  • I also agree that by doing so, CMS will not be held responsible for any copyright violation. I also agree to get the necessary clearances from the copyright holders, if any, required for the same;
  • The entry submitted for CMS VATAVARAN will become part of CMS VATAVARAN Archive;
  • If film is awarded and receives prize money, I will provide scan copy of my PAN CARD.

By accepting it, I am indicating that I understand, comply and agree to abide by the CMS VATAVARAN – Rules and Regulations mentioned in the guidelines.

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