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Intern / Volunteer

CMS VATAVARAN relies on the support of our amazing volunteers to during our festivals and other programs. Volunteers are rewarded with participation certificate (based on the number of shifts worked), as well as other perks. So come join your friends from previous festivals or make new ones, as our volunteer community continues to grow each year! Sign up to volunteer now (for minimum 7 days) and be notified when volunteering scheduling starts.


• Co-Host

Contact us for customised programs and curated festivals that can be organised for your organisations / institutes. We are also glad to share/provide award winning films to add value to your ingoing programs and events.

• Share your story or experience

We invite all to share their stories or experiences of conservation so that they can be showcased to others. Send us your stories and other supporting documents asap. We love to showcase you as Green Ambassadors and share your efforts in ur network to inspire others.

• Participate

A range of online and on round programs of varied nature (festivals, webinars, workshops, discussions, quiz, competitions, films screenings, nature walks, cleaning drives, etc) are organised throughout the year by the CMS VATAVARAN team. Do participate and get involved in this programs to learn more and also get involved in environment conservation. Follow us on social media for regular updates on our activities, programs, festivals and initiatives.

Mr. Sabyesachi Bharti , Deputy Director, CMS VATAVARAN
E-mail: sabyesachi@cmsvatavaran.org, Mob: +91-8826689218

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