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World Wetlands Day- 2nd February 2022

World Wetlands Day is celebrated every year on 2 February to marks the date of the adoption of the Convention on Wetlands. Ever since the Ramsar Convention in 1975, many countries across the globe, including India, initiated numerous conservation efforts to protect the wetlands and the people and animal dependent on them.

More than one billion people globally depend on wetlands for their livelihood. Wetlands have been referred to as the ‘kidneys of the environment’. This is because these lands act as a natural filtration system for groundwater –marshy plants and microbes filter waste, soil and pollutants, thereby improving water quality. However, the situation has not improved significantly since then, at least in India.

India has 27,403 wetlands in total, and close to 4000 of them are coastal wetlands. We are losing wetlands at the rate of 2-3% each year.

Wetlands are highly productive and important ecosystems that help in sustaining the environment and humans. However, anthropogenic pressures are posing a grave threat to these ecosystems.

There is also a need for more scientific data, imagery, maps and other relevant tools to provide knowledge on the status of wetlands. There is also a need for stronger enforcement of rules. Additionally, existing laws completely ignore the participation of local communities in governing and monitoring wetlands. Also, awareness is the first step towards protection of wetlands. Smart and innovative ideas along with increase people’s participation in management and decision making for wetlands are a desperate requirement for building a climate resilient future for India.

CMS VATAVARAN recognises the power of social media platforms and that is why in the year 2020, CMS VATAVARAN team leveraged this power through a series of online programs. These online efforts were much appreciated by the different sections of the society.

Keeping this in mind on World Wetlands Day, February 02 and 03, 2022 with the yearly theme of ‘Wetlands Action for People and Nature,’ we are organizing a series of activities:

2nd February 2022

  • Film Screening | 10:00 am onwards
  • Live at facebook VatavaranCMS

  • Online Quiz Competition

World Wetlands Day Quiz

The online wetlands quiz organized by CMS VATAVARAN on 2nd February 2022, received an overwhelming response from over 1028 respondents. We would like to thank all participants for their enthusiastic participation.

On the occasion of World Wetlands Day, we are glad to announce the winners of the quiz, 559 students received certificates of appreciation and 131 students  received certificates of distinction !!

Winners will receive e- certificates on behalf Of CMS VATAVARAN.

3rd February 2022

  • webinar on the topic of ““Stop draining the life from wetlands !! use wisely!!”

                          Date: 3rd February,2022| 03:00 pm

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