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Chidra: CMS VATAVARAN 2019 Nomination Series ​

This is a beautiful film about the Kullu valley of the Indian Himalayas.

Dotted with sacred lakes and temples & lush forests and views, Kullu boasts of being on the list of both soul seekers and adventurers. From Kulant Peeth to now Kullu, this god’s abode might have had many names, but the essence of the valley remains in its rich past and bounteous nature.

Kullu is both a love letter and guide to the bewitching valley where you may intimate yourself with its history, traditions, and people. This is a story that immerses you in this land of the misty mountains and yet at another level it takes you beyond it all.

Every couple of years, Ram Nath leaves his fields and buffaloes to play the part of human sacrifice in a hitherto undocumented mysterious ritual of purification in the Himalayan Valley of Kullu, North India.

During the ritual, Ram Nath transforms from a highland peasant into the master of ceremonies, a powerful redeemer who cuts holes (chidra) in the fabric of society, collecting sins into a cosmic trap that only he can operate.

Chidra follows Ram Nath through the ritual, revealing how men, gods, and mediums handle the dangerous substance of actions (karma) at the frontier of the Hindu cultural sphere.

Director: Nadav Harel

Photograph Courtesy-

Nadav Harel






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