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Environmental Journalists are expected to inform people about the state of the environment and wildlife. By using the power of the news media, they highlight issues of conservation and environmental concerns.

However, competing priorities of media and journalists today have left very little space for environmental and wildlife issues. Also, the science and complexity of current environment challenges are often quite difficult to comprehend and relate to. The COVID 19 pandemic is a classic example of a complex environmental concern that is now not just a health issue but also an economic and political concern.

This webinar is an effort to orient journalists and bring them closer to scientist and experts working on environmental issues, specially in the Indian Himalaya Region. It will also engage media professionals on the relevant science, research and policy issues for better understanding of the fragile Himalayan eco-system, trigger interest in Climate Change, Desertification and Disasters, and other environmental problems that beset the ecologically fragile Himalayas, their impacts on sustainability, livelihood issues and adaptation stories among journalists, editors and media houses in the region and thereby increase awareness among the masses.

This webinar is an effort by SECURE Himalaya project and CMS VATAVARAN, in their efforts to conserve and protect the Himalayan ecosystems. The Government of India and UNDP are implementing “SECURE Himalayas”, to ensure conservation of locally and globally significant biodiversity, land and forest resources in the high Himalayan ecosystem, while enhancing the lives and livelihoods of local communities. CMS VATAVARAN is a well-known film festival and forum, known to use creative initiatives to engage wide stakeholders on contemporary environment and wildlife issues (www.cmsvatavaran.org).

This webinar is part of a series to involve and orient local and interested regional media professionals. This webinar will focus on local issues and concerns of Sikkim.


The webinar objective is to engage and orient media professionals on local environmental concerns, with the purpose of improving the quality and quantity of reportage on conservation issues in the IHR region.

Format of the Workshop

It will be an intensive online workshop of three hours (10 am to 01 pm) each day, for two days. The workshop will be with invited participants only and will be for limited numbers so that there is opportunity to interact and for discussions.


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