2013 - 10 Years Celebration

CMS VATAVARAN - International Environment and Wildlife Film Festival and Forum celebrated its 10 years decade long eventful journey (2002 - 2012). To commemorate this, CMS invited schools, colleges, organizations, etc to organise a film festival - Celebrating 10 Years of CMS VATAVARAN 2013.

The festival showcased the best award-winning films of CMS VATAVARAN at various schools and colleges. The film screenings were followed by an interactive session with the subject experts and filmmakers. The bouquet of award-winning films reflected a range of issues i.e. climate change, natural heritage conservation, water, biodiversity, climate change and renewable energy and other critical challenges facing the world. Till date CMS VATAVARAN film festival proudly possess 1456 environment and wildlife films out of which 387 were nominated and 119 films (8%) were bagged CMS VATAVARAN coveted awards through rigorous selection process.

The film festival was not only celebrating the cinematic art of films but also using these films as a tool and catalyst for creating impact.

  • Events Organised
  • Screenings at Research House (Oct, Nov, Dec)
  • Bluebells Int. School
  • Sri Venkateshwar International School
  • Bloom Public School
  • Bal Bharati Public School
  • Miranda House
  • YMCA
  • JNU
  • AIMC, New Delhi
  • Bharti College
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