Vishaal Nityanand signed his first Hindi feature film Aarambh as lead actor directed by Hyderabad based director Smitha Sashidharan in 2006. He is chief executive in Cinematic Arts Productions Pvt Ltd, Delhi and involved in several cinematic projects as producer/ director/ artist.

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The film tells the story of River Kosi and issues associated with it. The history of the Kosi barrage and its embankments is the history of the problems associated with the Kosi. The premise is a proposal made in 1953 which stipulated that embankments would be made on both sides of the Kosi - the Indian and the Nepal region. The canals exist. But the embankments resulted in restricting the flow of water in a smaller area as compared to a wider area earlier. Around 15 lakh people (from the Indian side and Nepal region) live within the embankments. When the river is in flood, the people must bear its wrath.

  • DIRECTOR: Vishaal Nityanand
  • PRODUCTION COMPANY: Cinematic Arts Productions Pvt. Ltd.
  • PRODUCED FOR: HelpAge India
  • CAMERAPERSON: Danish Jamshed, Saurabh Pundir and Vishaal Nityanand
  • SCRIPT WRITER: Vishaal Nityanand
  • GRAPHICS: Sachit Mangaraj, Surmeet Kaur and Manish Mehta
  • EDITOR: Sachit Mangaraj
  • NARRATOR: Vishaal Nityanand