Jan Michael Haft is a producer/ CEO of Nautilus Film GmbH. He is producer, script -writer, director and cameraman. He has been scientific assistant at Zoologische Staatssammlung in Munich and assistant cameraman and script -writer for Lippoldmüller Wildlife Productions and Dr Walter Sigl’s Wildlife Films.

Esterndorf 41 Dorfen
Bavaria , Germany , Germany - 84405, Germany


Is the cornfield just an area for producing food or a land full of secrets? In the western industrial nations, cornfields and woods take up the greatest proportion of rural land. But how much natural life dwells in a cornfield? Why are some cornfield inhabitants harmful and others useful? What do the colorful flowers at the edge of the field promise us? The beautiful film looks at such questions and more.

  • DIRECTOR: Jan Haft
  • PRODUCER: Melanie Haft
  • PRODUCTION COMPANY: Nautilus Film GmbH
  • CAMERAPERSON: Jan Michall Haft, Kay Ziesenhenne and Felix Pustal
  • SCRIPT WRITER: Gerwig Lawitzky
  • MUSIC COMPOSER: Jorg Magnus Pfeil
  • NARRATOR: Martin Umbach