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The film The Wings of the Sun directed by Henri de Gerlache on Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg's solar aircraft has received the Silver Award in International Scientific Film Festival, Isle of the Reunion. The film was also widely applauded at the Scientific Film Festival of Val d'Isere and has been selected at Vedere la Scienza Film Festival in Italy and at Reel Earth Festival in New Zealand.

  • DIRECTOR: Henri de Gerlache
  • PRODUCER: Stephane Milliere, Bernard de Launoit and Marc Ande Deschoux
  • PRODUCTION COMPANY: GEDEON Programmes, Alize Productions and Freestudios
  • PRODUCED FOR: Arte,France RTBF and RTS
  • CAMERAPERSON: Bernard Vervoort
  • SCRIPT WRITER: Henri de Gerlache
  • MUSIC COMPOSER: Brino Alexiu
  • SOUND RECORDDIST: Lancelot Champendal
  • EDITOR: Juil Franka and Bertrand Catrice
  • NARRATOR: Geoffrey Bateman