For the past ten years, Christian Baumeister and his company Light and Shadow GmbH have garnered international acclaim for original wildlife films. Baumeister is known for his award-winning, breathtaking cinematography, detailed animal portraits and flawless compositions. He has directed and co-produced ten feature programmes with leading broadcasters such as ARD/ NDR, ZDF, BBC, Arte, ORF, Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel. Passionate about wildlife photography from a very young age, Baumeister studied biology in his native Germany and wildlife film-making in the UK. Before founding Light and Shadow GmbH, his work as wildlife cameraman took him to South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

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The Amazon has long been hailed as a biological treasure trove, but today we are finding out that this is only part of it's remarkable story. As we learn more about how the forest functions, we are gaining greater respect for it's intricate web of life and the people who live, dove-tailed, within it. This part of the series shows that the Amazon is more than ecosystem, it is a network of species, which are inter-weaved in remarkable ways.

  • DIRECTOR: Christian Baumeister
  • PRODUCER: Britta Kiesewetter and Christian Baumeister
  • PRODUCTION COMPANY: Light and Shadow GmbH
  • EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Jörn Röver, Wolf Lengwenus, Heide Thieme and Sabina Holzer
  • CAMERAPERSON: Christian Baumeister
  • SCRIPT WRITER: Sue Western, Beatrix Stoepel, Lothar Frenz and Amber Levinson
  • MUSIC COMPOSER: Oliver Heuss
  • SOUND RECORDDIST: Alexander Sommer and Gabriel Sayad
  • EDITOR: Stefan Canham and Stefan Reiss
  • NARRATOR: Rob Quirk