A native of Peru and the US, Renzo Zanelli has worked for nearly 10 years as professional director of photography, editor, director and producer. After studying film at University of Chicago, Renzo went on to found Magic Flute Films Inc, an independent production company in New York City. Since then, Zanelli has produced and directed a number of award winning films including Pamina: Hysteria and Mozart's Magic Flute. In 2005, he produced The Orange Thief which won Best in Show at the Woodstock Film Festival. His feature, Dog in the Manger has been screened in five continents and won him numerous awards.

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In the far reaches of the Peruvian Amazon, a young Boro-Huitoto painter, Brus, discovers a unique path to help his community by resisting the encroaching of a petrol company that threatens the future of both their ancestral lands and culture. His work has just premiered at the most prestigious gallery in Lima showcasing. But Brus is not interested in ascending the ranks of haute culture. The oil company is going to drill in throughout their ancestral lands. He seeks the support of a local NGO and finds himself entangled in the subversive work of an attractive American researcher. Ultimately, Brus discovers his own way of bringing strength to his community. The film captures the compelling tale.

  • DIRECTOR: Renzo Zanelli Baretto
  • PRODUCER: Annika Beaulieu
  • PRODUCTION COMPANY: Selva Rica Productions
  • CAMERAPERSON: Renzo Zanelli Baretto
  • EDITOR: Renzo Zanelli Baretto