Aarti Shrivastava started her career as a news reporter and anchor for local community news network in Mumbai, working on social, political and economic issues. Her passion for cinema, arts and culture led her to create television shows around human stories and their emotions and aspirations. Shrivastava has documented issues of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and inhuman conditions that engulf Rajasthan and its mining communities, issues regarding water, continuing to dedicate her career to the cause. She has worked with multinational organisations such as CNBC, World-bank, UNICEF, BBC, World Bank, UNICEF, Indian National Congress and several others around the globe.

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ôLand of Widows focuses on the unsustainable working conditions of mine workers in the state of Rajasthan, India. Set in the Bhilwara district of Rajasthan, this film captures the exploitation of workers, on a daily basis, as they work in illegal mines for Rs 50 a day. Blending investigative journalism with helplessness and dark humour, the film documents stories of average sandstone miners victimised by corporate greed and political corruption. It examines how sandstone mining has affected local communities and also people occupied with this occupation. The stories of struggle and visions of hope open a door to the complex issue that is threatening the future of mine workers and their families.

  • DIRECTOR: Aarti Shrivastava
  • PRODUCER: Abhishek Awasthi, Bhaumik Sampath and Aarti Shrivastava
  • PRODUCTION COMPANY: Skylimit Pictures and Media for Social Impact
  • EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Aarti Shrivastava
  • PRODUCED FOR: Skylimit Pictures and Media for Social Impact
  • CAMERAPERSON: Mayank Tripathi
  • SCRIPT WRITER: Aarti Shrivastava
  • MUSIC COMPOSER: Daniel Arlington
  • GRAPHICS: Ankur Shrivastav
  • EDITOR: Pranav Patel
  • NARRATOR: Shena Gamat