Siddharth M P Siddharth's interest in wildlife stems from the time he spent with his father C Sashikumar, a renowned ornithologist. As he grew older, he combined his interest in wildlife with his passion for filmmaking to promote nature conservation. He now works at the Natural History New Zealand (NHNZ) company and Fortune theatre in Dunedin, New Zealand. Kyriakos Stylianopoulos Kyriakos Stylianopoulos is a skilled cinematographer and a trained deep-sea diver from Athens, Greece. Kyriakos has learnt to successfully combine the two to create magic on screen with his underwater film sequences. He is co-director and cinematographer at a production house in Athens.

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As in the Hindu mythology Ramayana, Jataayu, the great vulture king, and his kind have been once again, in modern times, dealt a cruel blow. Can his kinsmen climb back from the depths of uncertainty? From the captive breeding center at Pinjore, all the way down south to the last stronghold of vultures in Wynad, The Fall of Jataayu is a journey through belief, culture, and the struggle of a few dedicated scientists in their attempts to save a dying species.

  • DIRECTOR: Siddharth M P and Kyriakos Stylianopolous
  • PRODUCER: Siddharth M P and Kyriakos Stylianopolous
  • PRODUCTION COMPANY: Graeco Indus Productions
  • PRODUCED FOR: University of Otago
  • CAMERAPERSON: Siddharth M P and Kyriakos Stylianopolous
  • SCRIPT WRITER: Siddharth M P
  • MUSIC COMPOSER: Samdrub Daw and Chris Miller
  • EDITOR: Siddharth M P and Kyriakos Stylianopolous
  • NARRATOR: Brian Beresford