CMS is an independent, not-for-profit and multi-disciplinary organisation dedicated to research-driven initiatives. It enables policy makers to make informed decisions on development and social change. CMS is recognised for its rigorous study methodologies, innovative approaches to research and for the credibility of its findings. CMS is celebrating its 20 years of commitment and concerns.

Over the past two decades, CMS has carved a niche for itself in social research, social development studies and strategies for environment protection, communication studies, public opinion research, training, and performance appraisal. It has large-scale national studies in its portfolio.

CMS operates through specialised teams of professionals with multidimensional expertise. The teams are CMS Environment, CMS Social, CMS Communication, CMS Academy, CMS Transparency Studies, CMS Surveys and CMS Media Lab. CMS VATAVARAN film festival is yet another well-known endeavour that has been well accepted since its inception eight years ago.

CMS is equipped with a sound infrastructure and well informed professionals who head motivated teams.

Festival Updates

Jan 22, 2011: Ahmedabad CMS VATAVARAN
Closing ceremony of Ahmedabad CMS VATAVARAN at CEPT auditorium.

Jan 21, 2011: Ahmedabad CMS VATAVARAN
Teachers Workshop organised at Gujarat Vidyapith .

Jan 19, 2011: Panel Discussion at CEPT
Panel discussion held on "Confronting Climate Change:Towards Carbon Neutral Indian Cities" at CEPT Auditorium.

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