About 4th Travelling Film Festival

The theme of the 4th CMS VATAVARAN Environment and Wildlife Travelling Film Festival & Environment Forum is Climate Change and Sustainable Technologies. The festival and forum aims to promote sustainable technologies, with a focus on green production and delivery methods, convergence and fusion of new consumer services, and on the notion of 'collective goods' for greater environmental efficiency, which can usher in a new green order.

Travelling Film Festival
The prompting for travelling festivals came from the urgent and repeated requests from participants and partners associated with the main competitive festival organised in New Delhi. They were of the view that people from smaller cities felt left out of the film festivals and wished very much to be a part of it, share their views, experience and expertise at the environment forums.

The first CMS VATAVARAN Environment and Wildlife Travelling Film Festival was organised in 2004 in Chennai. Since then 26 festivals has been organised in 19 cities with overwhelming participation from the cities and generous support of the respective state government, local administration, industries and organisations. The travelling festival has now become an intrinsic part of the film festival and environment forum fabric and is held every alternate year.

CMS VATAVARAN Environment and Wildlife Travelling Film Festival: Aims, Avenues and Possibilities

The travelling film festival allows:
•    A fresher, wider and more diverse audience to enjoy the film festivals and participate in the environment forums, taking the support circle beyond the near and easy
•    A chance to people in other cities to understand green films, participate in environment forums, network (with film makers, film societies, government organisations, bilateral, NGOs, bureaucrats, parliamentarians, members of think tanks, corporate sector members, representatives of the educational sector, the media fraternity, software producers and a medley of other people) and engage in critical thinking and discourse

•    The setting up of a credible national and international green forum

•    An opportunity to film makers and environmentalists to showcase ecological problems specific to their regions and raise awareness and support for them

•    Networking with new film makers and environmental experts

•    Extension of promotion and publicity for them as well as media exposure

•    Familiarisation with latest technologies in film making

•    An opportunity for the local partners to host, sponsor and organise the festivals; gain recognition for their efforts in the field; and also widen alliances at the festivals

Festival Updates

Jan 22, 2011: Ahmedabad CMS VATAVARAN
Closing ceremony of Ahmedabad CMS VATAVARAN at CEPT auditorium.

Jan 21, 2011: Ahmedabad CMS VATAVARAN
Teachers Workshop organised at Gujarat Vidyapith .

Jan 19, 2011: Panel Discussion at CEPT
Panel discussion held on "Confronting Climate Change:Towards Carbon Neutral Indian Cities" at CEPT Auditorium.

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