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Overall Excellence Award

Best of the Festival Award*

Awarded to the best overall production in the Indian and International categories by the Jury to honour work which reveals a fascination with its subject, rendered on screen with style, truthfulness and integrity to its sources.

*You cannot enter for this award

 Thematic Award Categories
There will be one award in each of the thematic categories:

Celebrating Himalayas (festival theme)

The Himalayas are spectacular mountain ecosystems and have inspired many civilizations and cultures. They are storehouses of biodiversity and natural resources, which have sustained life in the mountains as well as the plains for centuries. Impact of over exploitation of natural resources and the rapidly changing climate are now being observed in this fragile and sensitive ecological region. With this theme, we invite film makers to explore the spirit and serenity of this majestic region to remind of its important role in our planet’s ecology.

Environment Conservation

Awarded to the production creating awareness about environmental issues concerning the natural world i.e. conservation of natural resources like water, biodiversity, soil, & atmosphere linked with protected areas, pollution, waste management, mining, traditional knowledge and innovative practices, etc., thereby focusing on combating destructive development projects, influencing environmental policies and striving for environmental justice.

Wildlife Conservation

Awarded to a production that most effectively sensitizes audience about faunal diversity, animal behavior and social, environmental, economic aspects of man and wildlife relationship. The films can depict successes, conflicts, trade, crime, wildlife governance, legislations, court interventions, or profile the great defenders of wildlife in the country.

Climate Change – Adaptation & Mitigation

Awarded to the production which contributes to the current scientific understanding of climate change, its impacts on ecosystems, agriculture, food security, and health, human settlements, especially in the coastal areas or global politics of climate change. Films should emphasize the portfolio of strategies that include mitigation, adaptation, and technological development that are required to diminish the risk associated with climate change. The cost effectiveness of actions to tackle the impacts of climate change can also be considered.

Livelihoods & Sustainable Technologies

Awarded to the film that highlights those fighting for protecting the natural assets and/or renewable energy such as land, water and forest, which are so intrinsically linked to their livelihood and survival and/or renewable energy in almost all areas of human living, including energy generation, water use, building construction, health, food production, transportation and mobility, commerce and industry etc.

General Award Categories 

Public Service Announcements (PSA)

Awarded to the messages, short or promotional films, commercials or advertising campaigns that educate or inform the public at large. Duration not more than 180 seconds. The programme must highlight the issue or convey a conservation message. 


Awarded to the animation film produced with traditional animation techniques, computer generated images (CGI) or other production methods highlighting concerns on environment and wildlife or promoting conservation efforts.

Amateur & Youth Films

Awarded to the Film most effectively communicates environment and wildlife conservation and produced by a first time film maker amateur i.e. upcoming filmmaker/individual, college student/ group of college students of film-making.

School Student Film

Awarded to the documentary or short film or experimental work produced on environment and wildlife conservation issues by a regular school student or a group of students from any school.


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